Com­ple­te dis­po­sal of labo­ra­to­ry and indus­tri­al chemicals 

We take char­ge of your tri­cky cases 

Whe­ther labo­ra­to­ries, indus­tri­al enter­pri­ses, che­mi­cals coll­ec­tions in schools, uni­ver­si­ties or rese­arch insti­tu­tes: again and again, huge­ly varied mix­tures of sub­s­tances accu­mu­la­te which – used or expi­red – must be dis­po­sed of as hazar­dous waste.

We offer you envi­ron­men­tal­ly com­pli­ant dis­po­sal and rela­ted ser­vices for vir­tual­ly all hazar­dous was­te. Whe­ther you need a one-off “clear-out”, or regu­lar dis­po­sal of pro­cess mate­ri­als, we are the right cont­act person.

In addi­ti­on to the actu­al dis­po­sal, we offer you:

  • On-site sort­ing of your waste
  • Ana­ly­sis and tre­at­ment tri­al in our laboratory
  • Pre­pa­ra­ti­on of an indi­vi­du­al­ly tail­o­red quotation
  • Pro­vi­si­on of aut­ho­ri­sed packaging
  • Pack­a­ging of your was­te at your pre­mi­ses by trai­ned che­mi­cal specialists
  • Trans­por­ta­ti­on of your was­te using hazar­dous goods vehic­les by trai­ned drivers

Was­te we dis­po­se of for you: 

Geltz Umwelttechnologie GmbH

Mit den smarten Sonderanlagen der Geltz Umwelt-Technologie GmbH gelingt betrieblicher Umweltschutz nach höchsten ökonomischen und ökologischen Maßstäben.

With the smart special systems from Geltz Umwelt-Technologie GmbH, operational environmental protection meets the highest economic and ecological standards.