Today, corporate environmental protection is both an obligation and an opportunity. Legal provisions on licensing obligations, limit values and conditions are being continuously tightened for the benefit of the general public. New requirements arise and we can help you implement them.

We’re hiring!

For the development of Geltz Agrartechnologie we are building up a new team and hiring new employees.

In addition, we are looking for trainees for wastewater technology in 2019.

Further information on both topics can be found here.


Geltz in the media

As a research-strong enterprise in the environmental technology, Geltz works on technical solutions for current and urgent problems in several areas. The development of a prototype plant for the treatment of manure and fermentation residues has also become known beyond the specialist area. The process was presented on television and in the press. Pressing the symbols opens the articles in new tabs:

Report in the Landesschau of the SWR from 22.05.2018


Report in “planet e”  of the ZDF from 18.03.2018

Article from the “Pforzheimer Zeitung” from 17.03.2018