As a research-strong enterprise in the environmental technology Geltz works on technical solutions for current and urgent problems in several areas. The development of NuTriSep to solve the europewide manure problem has also become known beyond the specialist area:

VR-innovation award

We are very happy to have won this year’s main prize of the VR Innovation Award with the new development NuTriSep! In addition, SWR reports in detail about the first large plant in “SWR aktuell” from 27.06.2019:

Here you will find further media articles about our development to solve the slurry problem:

Report in the “Landesschau” of SWR from 22.05.2018

Report inplanet e” of ZDF from 18.03.2018

Article in the “Pforzheimer Zeitung” from 17.03.2018