Optimal water treatment is an important and unavoidable task for every industrial and commercial enterprise and also for every municipality today. Water is used in almost all manufacturing processes. The resulting waste water, sometimes heavily polluted with harmful substances, requires professional treatment before the precious resource of water is returned to the environmental cycle. We are specialists in chemical-physical waste water treatment and a certified waste disposal company since 2003. Thanks to moderate batch sizes, our plant is highly flexible. Due to this flexibility and intelligent process management, we are also able to treat difficult waste waters. We do not only deal with waste water – we treat it. We have developed optimal processes for numerous operations:

  • Neutralisation of acidic or alkaline waste water
  • Elimination of metals from waste water
  • Decontamination of waste water containing cyanide
  • Decontamination of chromate-containing waste water
  • Separation of oil-water mixtures
  • Treatment of rinse waters containing tensides
    Special processes, tailored to the requirements of our customers

Wastewater treatment plant in detail

Based on our experience with our plant in Öschelbronn, we designed and manufactured a new wastewater treatment plant in Mühlacker. We paid attention to an optimal operational management with a high degree of automation, so that the capacity could be increased two to three times compared to the old plant. The new plant comprises:

  • 18 batch treatment vessels each with a capacity of 12 m³ All treatment procedures described above are possible in all vessels
  • Additional oil removal via skimmer for 3 batch containers