We offer you a complete service in ion exchange systems:

  • New ion exchange cartridges – all systems and sizes
  • Mixed bed and mono resins for fresh water treatment and waste water treatment
  • Pick-up and delivery service: We pick up your cartridge, carry out the regeneration and bring it back.
  • Exchange service for mixed-bed resins with high-quality branded resins
  • Regeneration of mono-resins in own regeneration station with connected waste water treatment
  • You prefer stainless steel cartridges or use reinforced fibreglass cartridges?
    No problem – we offer cartridges in all sizes for all common systems.
    Ask us – we will make you an offer that is tailored to your needs.

Do you use your ion exchanger

  • to produce ultrapure water?
  • for the purification of process water or waste water?
  • as a “precious metal catcher” in electroplating?

The display of your ion exchanger is approaching the red zone? It’ s high time for the resin cartridge to regenerate. Give us a call. We will collect the used cartridge from you and deliver it regenerated to you a few days later (no cartridge exchange). In the vicinity with own vehicles, otherwise with forwarding agency or parcel service – but always fast and inexpensive.