Environmental protection is a duty and a chance for every manufacturing company: Legal regulations are tightened continuously while the technical possibilities improve. Our goal is to provide the best solution for your specific needs in environmental technology.

Plant Engineering and construction

For all our projects we have high expectations concerning economic and ecological aspects. We serve our clients from conception and planning to commissioning and beyond. We offer comprehensive know-how in

  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Galvano technical plants
  • Ion exchangers
  • Complete demineralization
  • Special plants

Wastewater treatment

Efficient wastewater treatment is an important and unavoidable task for every industrial or commercial enterprise and every municipality. Water is used in most production processes. Often, this results in highly polluted waste waters, which require adequate and professional treatment.

We are certified specialists in chemical and physical wastewater treatment since 2003. The use of moderate batch sizes makes our waste water treatment plant highly flexible. Due to this flexibility and huge know-how in wastewater treatment procedures, we are able to clean even extremely polluted wastewaters. We have developed the ideal processes for various operations:

  • Neutralisation of acidic and alkaline waste waters
  • Elimination of metals
  • Detoxification of cyanide-polluted waste waters
  • Detoxification of chromate-polluted waste waters
  • Oil/water separation
  • Treatment of surfactants
  • Even unique problems of clients

Development and consulting

We offer a huge range of additional services that allow you to benefit from our technical, scientific and legal expertise.
Please give us the opportunity to solve your problem, e.g.:

  • Regeneration of ion exchangers
  • Laboratory analysis
  • staff training
  • plant optimization
  • precious metal recovery
  • fire, soil, groundwater remediation
  • Problems in research and development
  • General consulting in environmental issues


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